Elder Abuse Recognition Questionnaire
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Please check the best answer for each question
1 Which of the following are considered elder abuse?  
  a) Identity theft
  b) Verbal belittling of an older adult
  c) Neglect
  d) All of the above
2 Possible signs of elder abuse or neglect include:  
  a) Extremely withdrawn behavior
  b) Welts
  c) Unexplained bruises
  d) Fearful behavior
  e) all of the above
3 People who must report elder abuse include:  
  a) Unpaid volunteers who help seniors on a regular basis
  b) Clergy
  c) Bank personnel
  d) Doctors
  e) All of the above
4 It is estimated that only one in five cases of elder abuse are reported  
  a) True
  b) False
5 Types of elder abuse include:  
  a) Financial exploitation
  b) Self-neglect
  c) Neglect
  d) Physical abuse
  e) All of the Above
6 In the majority of cases of elder abuse by a known perpetrator, the perpetrator is:  
  a) A robber
  b) A family member, caregiver or trusted individual
  c) A mugger
  d) a gang member
7 Has using the Elder Abuse Recognition Tool been helpful in increasing your observations of clients and their homes during your route?  
  a) Yes, very helpful
  b) Somewhat helpful
  c) No, not helpful
8 Are you more likely to report suspicious situationsto your site manager now, after elder abuse recognition training, than you were prior to the training  
  a) Yes, I am more likely to report
  b) About the same likelihood of reporting as before the training
  c) No, I am not more likely to report