Meals on Wheel of Long Beach was founded in 1971
by Soroptimist International of Long Beach

Meals on Wheels of Long Beach would like offer a special thanks to the Peck Family for their generous annual contribution.



MOWLB was founded in 1971 by Soroptimist International of Long Beach. During this time MOWLB has never missed a scheduled delivery day and has never stopped meal service to any client due to funding cuts from federal, state or local government. MOWLB has never accepted government funding.

We try and make the sign up process as easy a possible.  You can sign up on line by CLICKING HERE or you can call our offices at (562) 439-5000 and one of our friendly staff members will help you through the application process and answer any questions you may have about our meal delivery program.

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Meals on Wheels of Long Beach (MOWLB) provides a service of home delivered nutritionally balanced meals for individuals who are unable to shop and cook for themselves and who live alone. 

While the majority of our clients are elderly, meals are available to all Long Beach area residents, regardless of age, on a long-term or a  temporary basis if you are recovering from surgery or illness.

Meals on Wheels of Long Beach (MOWLB) works hard to provide a varied and delicious menu of balanced meals for our clients.  Each delivery with a “Friendly Visit” includes two complete meals ˗ a hot dinner, cold lunch, dessert and beverage.

All meals are prepared locally, made with fresh, wholesome ingredients without preservatives .

If you would like to see a sample monthly menu of our meal offerings CLICK HERE

Our fee for this service is $8.75/day.

We work to keep our meals affordable and still provide an excellent value for freshly prepared, ready-to-eat meals delivered daily to your door.

We offer financial assistance to cover the cost of your daily meals.  If you have any questions about whether you  qualify for financial assistance please contact us at (562) 439-5000.

Since 1971 we have never missed a scheduled delivery day and have never stopped meal service to any client due to government funding cuts. 

MOWLB is not a government funded program.

Our fee for this service is $8.75/day for a hot dinner, cold lunch, dessert and beverage.
For individuals who cannot afford our fee for service, they may qualify for funding support.

These clients, during our intake process, have shown that they are low-income or extremely low-income, and have provided a doctor’s note indicating they are homebound and need financial assistance through our meal subsidy or sponsorship programs.

These subsidies are supported by foundation grants, individual donors and fundraising projects. In addition, MOWLB is a service provider for SCAN Health Plan, providing meal service to their approved members.

Meals are delivered to your door Monday through Friday between 10:30am and 12pm.  Meals cannot be left at your doorstep if no one is home, but we are always happy to you to make special delivery arrangements for you.

“My fabulous mother retired at age 70, culminating a life of public service. 

My mother was suffering from an anxiety disorder, impacting her ability to thrive. Ultimately, she was diagnosed with early stage dementia that was progressing. She lived alone; I was her only child. In the midst of her turmoil, my amazing husband suddenly became very ill and the focus shifted to his medical evaluations. I was now a member of the sandwich generation with a different twist; my time was divided between the care of an aging parent and a failing spouse. 

Meals on Wheels of Long Beach came to our rescue! This home delivery service provided more than food for my mother, Meals on Wheels of Long Beach provided comfort. Our family doctor wrote the qualifying referral. My mother opposed the plan, saying she didn’t need help, I convinced her to try it for a week. From that day forward, Meals on Wheels of Long Beach provided a beautiful ray of sunshine in our lives! 

She looked forward to greeting the “Friendly Visitor” at her door and enjoyed the hot, tasty mid-day meal and sack lunch as a backup for her evening meal. 

Every day, she got dressed, makeup and all, set her table with a fresh placement and napkin, and patiently waited for this reliable service, thriving on the special attention afforded by everyone associated with Meals on Wheels who enabled her to remain independent, safe, and comfortable at home. Words cannot express the joy it brought to her and the relief it brought to us, knowing she had the intervention of kind, compassionate people from Meals on Wheels of Long Beach, giving her a bright spot in her day by providing social contact, nourishment, comfort and protection.” – Debra Johnson Gorman, M.S., Gerontologist

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Each week 100’s of volunteers from our local communities donate their time and support our home-delivered meal program as drivers and “friendly visitorsdelivering to over 600 clients per day.

In addition, MOWLB is host site agency to CSULB CSUDH & LBCC welcoming interns, service-learning students, nursing students, HS students and community service workers. Students assist in delivering meals as well.

Each weekday MOWLB clients receive a hot dinner, lunch, dessert & beverage delivered by volunteers & students who perform a “friendly visit” and a wellness check with each delivery.

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